Jul 16
May 13

Quarter 1 2019 Market Commentary

Last quarter’s commentary was dominated by Brexit and the broken high street. Well, I’m afraid to say, both also feature quite heavily in the first quarter of 2019! Europe Brexit date extended (again) You’re probably sick of hearing about Brexit, but the past few months have been frankly astonishing. In... read more →
May 13

Ways to structure your retirement income

Since Pension Freedoms were introduced in 2015 you have much more flexibility regarding how you can withdraw and spend your pension. From age 55, if you wanted to, you could spend the whole lot on a mid-life crisis sports car. We probably wouldn’t recommend it, but you can! The problem... read more →
May 13

How much do you value advice?

The value of things can be difficult to quantify sometimes, especially when it’s a service rather than a product. Perceived value isn’t simply based on cost, as there are various factors. When weighing up how valuable something is to you, you might consider the convenience, confidence or the long-term impact... read more →
May 13

Seven tax-year changes you need to know about

The Chancellor's last budget wasn’t as radical as some had predicted; the pension Annual Allowance, fortunately, wasn’t cut, for one. However, there were a few changes to pay attention to. April 6th was the beginning of a new tax year and when most of these changes came into force. So,... read more →
Feb 01

Quarter 4 2018 Market Commentary

October 2018 might feel like a lifetime ago; an awful lot has happened politically and economically since! Things have been moving so quickly it’s a challenge to stop writing a market commentary like this, especially with ongoing Brexit developments. But, we will be publishing smaller, timely updates as and when... read more →
Feb 01

Is luxury spending with your pension sustainable?

Since 2015 you’ve been able to spend your pension as you please when you turn 55. In fact, latest figures from HRMC show that around 1.4 million people have withdrawn £21.7 million from the Defined Contribution schemes. A Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) survey also found that some retirees... read more →
Feb 01

How to avoid Inheritance Tax

Recognised as the least popular tax in a YouGov poll a few years ago, Inheritance Tax (IHT), in reality, remains largely avoidable with some forethought and planning. But, what exactly is it? IHT is, potentially, a 40% tax on a portion of your estate when you die. A typical estate... read more →
Feb 01

Ten things to do before tax year end

Did you make a New Year’s resolution? Aside from dry January or getting back in the gym, perhaps you made some financial resolutions? If not, now is the perfect time to get some valuable planning in before tax year end. Don’t leave it to the last minute, there are several... read more →
Oct 10

Market Commentary – September 2018

Introduction The summer months of July and August are regularly referred to as “silly season”. Everyone of note was on holiday, and the papers were forced into filling their pages with any old stories. This year, the moniker still stands – but for other more serious reasons. It’s obvious that... read more →