Our propositions

Almost all financial plans need two things:

  1. Regular reviews to ensure they remain on track to meet your objectives
  2. Investment of capital, for example in pensions or ISAs.

Regular reviews; keeping you on track

Any number of events can blow a financial plan off course. Your life will change too, so might your objectives and aspirations.

It’s therefore crucial we regularly review the financial plan we have created for you to ensure it remains on track to deliver what you hoped it would.

We are all different though.

That’s why if you are looking to grow your wealth we’ve created three propositions for our clients to choose from. We also have a separate proposition, specifically designed for the needs of people taking an income from their portfolio. Typically, although not always, these clients have retired and need careful management of their assets to ensure the income they take is sufficient to fund their lifestyle, while remaining sustainable in the long term.

Bronze Silver Gold Income
Review meetings Annually Six-monthly Quarterly Annually
Telephone access to our client team Included Included Included Included
Valuations Annually Every six months Quarterly an on request Every six months
Quarterly Asset Allocation Review Additional fixed fee Additional fixed fee Included Not applicable
ISA Utilisation Additional fixed fee Included Included Included

Full details of our charges and costs will be provided to you before you engage our services.

Investment proposition; carefully managing your money

While there are no guarantees, and the value of investments will always fluctuate, over the longer term investing money has consistently achieved a real, above inflation return, which simply cannot be matched by the interest rates currently achievable on deposit accounts.

The Stonegate Wealth Management investment proposition has taken many years of work and is something we believe differentiates us from many other advisers and planners. It is run by our own internal Investment Committee, chaired by Steve Hendry. Under normal circumstances the committee meets once a quarter and receives input from our admin team, compliance network and our portfolio management partners, Cormorant Capital Strategies who provide crucial fund research and oversight.

Your financial future is in safe hands

Our clients tell us that our investment proposition, coupled with the ongoing service we provide, are two of the key reasons why they chose Stonegate Wealth Management.

We are delighted they do and reward the faith and trust shown in us by providing the best possible service.