"The best thing about working with Steve is the confidence that he gives us in our finances going forward."

Sarah: Hi, my name is Sarah Whitmarsh, this is Kevin Duggan and we’ve been with Steve for 10 years.

Kevin: From our initial meeting, he’s helped us gauge our financial future, guide and help us plan for our retirement.

Sarah: Steve has helped us plan to manage our expectations and do what we want to do in our retirement.

Kevin: I’ve been retired nearly five years now, and I’m more than enjoying it. Sarah has only just retired last year. She’s greatly looking forward to it. Ok, these are troubled times at the moment, but hopefully, when the pandemic is over, we can fly off into the sunset.

Sarah: The best thing about working with Steven at Stonegate is the confidence that he gives us in our finances going forward.

Kevin: Steven’s always been confident in his approach to us and the way he deals in the markets. He’s always reassured us of the direction we go in.

Sarah: Our finances going forward to retirement are fantastic. That’s down to Steve’s help and guidance, and everything that Stonegate has advised us on.

Kevin: Steve is generous with his advice and is also very confident in the advice he gives and henceforth it inspires confidence in us as well. We’re always happy to meet him. He does love a cup of tea. We make him feel at home and he makes us feel at home as well. So, it’s a very mutually beneficial relationship, I believe.

Sarah: The three words I’d described Steve as are confident, friendly, and personable, he is a people person.

A couple of years ago, Steve introduced us to Liv his colleague. We started working with her and she has been really keen and it’s been exciting working with her. She’s friendly, great fun to work with and always keen to help in any way she can.

Kevin: I’ve recommended Steve and Stonegate to many people over the years so he could grow his business through recommendation.

The best thing about working with Steve at Stonegate is the actual personal service and the face-to-face meetings we get, at least once a year and often several times more than that. And the personal service we feel we’ve had and are still getting throughout the years.