"We feel secure and worry-free."

Sam: Hello, my name is Sam Leese, this is my wife, Helen. We’ve worked with Steve at Stonegate since December of 2015.

Helen: We got in touch with Steve because when we worked and lived in America, we had a financial adviser. We just needed somebody to help us to make our money work far better for us than it was at the time.

Sam: Your choice with Steve was actually quite a lot of research. I looked around for a number of financial advisers. I interviewed, I think five. Steve was the one that we settled on for being local, but also the one that was offering, we thought the most sensible advice for the investment at the time.

Helen: Since deciding to invest with Steve, he took a lot of the problems away from us. How to move money around, he dealt with all that for us. He’s exceeded our financial goals that we’ve set at the time. We’re really pleased.

Sam: We deal with a number of people at Stonegate and each one has given us the support that we need whenever you need it.

The best thing about working with Steve is, frankly, not having any financial worries myself and not having to monitor things. It is done for me and it’s done reliably. I feel that is good enough, with a professional guide who has taken that burden off my shoulders.

Helen: Steve comes across as a very open person. His professionalism, you can tell when you’re talking to him. He’s very friendly and always has been right from the very start. It never really feels too much like a business meeting when we’re there. It always feels like going back to see a friend. But at the same time, he’s looking out for our best interests.

Sam: Regarding Stonegate and the way it makes us feel, I would say secure is very much one of those factors and worry-free. I think that is one of the most comforting things that we could say about the use of them.

Helen: We would recommend Steve to other people. We did, we recommended him to my brother-in-law. I have also recommended him to some friends certainly to speak to him and interview them for themselves. Yes, we would recommend them.