Daisy at work

Daisy is a “Springador” (Half springer spaniel/half Labrador). She hails from Cheshire and her best friend is Rebbie, who lives by the seaside. She goes home with Steve and Jen at the end of the day, to continue her napping.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Napping – Daisy has different napping places for different times of the day.

Get to know Daisy

What makes Daisy's day better?

A fuss, having her belly rubbed and treats!

What makes Daisy's day worse?

Having to put on a lead on. (She hides when it's walking time!)

Daisy's best day...

Any day that involves napping, being free to chase squirrels, lots of tummy rubs, more napping and treats.

Daisy's worst day...

Daisy likes mince pies, but unfortunately, they don't like Daisy (raisins can be deadly to dogs). An unfortunate run-in with a mince pie lead to her spending her first family Christmas and Boxing Day at the emergency vets.