"Steven gave us confidence, we have a sense of trust with him."

Ros: Hi, my name is Ros. This is my husband, Paul, and we’ve been working with Steve at Stonegate for five years now.

Paul: We contacted Steven because we were looking at finances because of various jobs I’ve been in, and Ros had been in, we had got documents and pensions and things like that dotted all over the place. I needed somebody with expertise who could put this all together for us.

Ros: We decided to contact a couple of people. But when Paul spoke to Steve, it was as if he gave us the confidence to go further and to explain our situation. It was a sense of trust with him.

Paul: Steven and his team have been very good at explaining what they were doing, how they were going to put the portfolios together with the different insurances, etc., that were out there. They amalgamated everything together, we’ve now got one portfolio to look through. It’s simplified the whole process.

Ros: Now that I understand, it’s given me the confidence to relax, to enjoy this part of my life. I haven’t got the worry that both of us did not know where we were heading. But with this, we can see the future. We can see where we’re going. It just enables me to relax. I’ve got the sense that everything’s in hand, I haven’t got to worry. All I’ve got to do is trust in Steven, which I totally do.

Paul: He helps me simply simplify my mind more than anything else. Because it puts things in perspective. With a box full of papers that we had, it’s just one paper. We can go through it, we can change it, we can alter it, we can add to it. The beauty of it is that the process is shown to us in a simplistic, straightforward way. So, we know where we’re going to go next.

Ros: The best thing about Stonegate is that it is a local company, it is only 10 minutes away. That was one of the reasons, we wanted something that was local to us that, was on our wavelength. Not a big company where we’d get lost. Something more intimate, if we couldn’t sort something over the phone, we could easily go and see him or vice versa. If anything happened, he could come to us.

Paul: I think, first of all, his competence, that really comes through. Understanding, which is vital to me and personable, we get on well.

I would recommend Stonegate to anybody that asked me who was looking for financial help, looking for financial services and financial planning. They would be the first person I would recommend.