We will always be transparent, open and honest

If you notice we have done something wrong or made a mistake, please give us the opportunity to put things right and fulfil our service promise.

We will consistently deliver our best work

Please tell us if anything we do is not up to scratch. We also love to hear positive feedback when we surpass your expectations.

We will be clear and take time to explain our advice

Please let us know if you do not understand our recommendations or if anything seems too complicated.

We will build your confidence and financial freedom

If your situation changes or if you feel uncomfortable with your Stonegate relationship at any time, please tell us as soon as you can.

We will keep your information up to date

Please engage in our service and read the reports and documents you are sent, remembering that missing or incorrect information can lead to unsuitable advice.

We will process withdrawals as soon as we can

Withdrawals can take up to four weeks, so your portfolio cannot be treated like a bank account. Please confirm as soon as possible if money is needed from your portfolio, even if you are unsure of the timescale.