Oct 10

Market Commentary – September 2018

Introduction The summer months of July and August are regularly referred to as “silly season”. Everyone of note was on holiday, and the papers were forced into filling their pages with any old stories. This year, the moniker still stands – but for other more serious reasons. It’s obvious that... read more →
Oct 10

Market Commentary – October 2018

Introduction In around a months’ time, the US electorate go to the polls to vote in the mid-term elections. This could prove a real test of President Trump’s presidency, with controversy surrounding his pick for the supreme court and the continuing FBI investigation into past dealings. History however shows that,... read more →
Aug 15

Market Commentary – August 2018

July was the month that football was coming home…and then headed to France. It was also the start to one of the hottest, long lasting spells of warm weather which we are seemingly both enjoying and hating at the same time. One thing that seems to be certain is that... read more →
Jul 10

Market Commentary – July 2018

Introduction As a fan of science fiction, a common theme is the tale of the time traveller who travels to the present day from the future to warn of impending doom. If such an individual had appeared in May 2016 to announce that in two years’ time we would be... read more →
Jun 11

Market Commentary – June 2018

May was a very exciting month, with something for everyone going on. We had Eurovision, where the most European of European countries won – Israel. A week later we had the wedding of the year with Harry and Meghan tying the knot with an estimated global audience of 1.9 billion... read more →
May 24

Market Commentary – May 2018

They say a week is a long time in politics, but when two nuclear powers are at each other’s throats one minute and then 6 months later they are organising their first date, you would be forgiven for wondering what on earth is going on. The historic meeting of the... read more →